3-Piece Unicorn Themed Meal Set

By dinneractive


Dinneractive Dining Sets in “Unicorn” theme turn meal time into a fun and engaging experience for kids. Each set includes (1) tray, (1) unicorn spoon and (1) unicorn fork made of soft and durable materials designed to withstand even the unruliest of tantrums (not that any of our kids do that).  The tray features an anti-slip base and holds 3 compartmentalized plates, 1 bowl, and 1 “loading ramp” for sliding food into the bowl.

  • Full 3-piece unicorn themed dining set suitable for every meal
  • Anti-split base prevents accidental spills
  • Stackable for easy and space-saving storage
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Suitable for children 3+ months
  • Made of BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic


Dinneractive does more than get your kids to the table. It begins to create a positive perception of food and family meal time, while encouraging utensil use and independence. In the minds of kids, they will be enjoying a new toy. But to you, they will be learning how to eat and feed themselves and laying the foundation for many more happy family gatherings to come.  

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